Innocent until proven guilty is a wonderful defense that has saved many innocent pups from an unwanted day in the dog house.

Who ate your cookies? Did I east your cookies? What cookies? I was too busy being a good little pup waiting by the door to see any cookies. And since I am innocent until proven guilty, and since there is no proof that I ate the supposed plate of cookies, I guess that means that I can still enjoy my ride instead of having to spend the day sulking in the corner. Hurray for innocent until proven otherwise!

Sadly, though, innocent until proven guilty means nothing when they catch you with in the act.

Box? What box? Oh you meant this box? What am I doing with this box full of surprise treats? Don’t worry, I am not trying to eat them? I am trying to…to…to…oh well, never mind. Remember, innocent until proven guilty!
I was afraid of that. Innocent until proven guilty does not work if they catch you with your nose in the goody box.