Is it just me, or has anyone else wondered why so many companies love to mess with perfection?

With this last click, two weeks of night and day work on my research paper will come to a successful end. All I have to do is click the save which is right over…right over…..right over…..? What in the world, I know that the save button was here only an hour ago. I used it only an hour ago right before that mandatory update kicked in and demanded that I download the newest version of their program.
Yikes, the mandatory update! That explains why I cannot complete what should have been a simple task. Why is that every time I find a program that I like, some genius decides that it is time to redesign their product and transform a simple, straight forward process into a nightmarish outlay that requires a PhD and a instruction manual the size of a 15 volume encyclopedia just to complete a straightforward task like save?