As one who had been busily writing poems, short stories, and more for years, the idea of writing and publishing a book was quite appealing. But with no name recognition, little cash, and no connections, it seemed that becoming a published writer would forever remain a dream.


That was until I stumbled upon a video talking about self publishing. Too me it was an amazing concept. With the help of places like KDP, Ingram Sparks, and Lulu I could write, publish, and sell my own books. The whole idea became even more intriguing when I learned about low content publishing, which dealt with thing like making activity books.


Being new to the world of self publishing, and uncertain of where to begin, I thought it would be fun to make a book staring Happy. After weeks of trying to figure out where to begin, with seemingly no solid inspiration, I finally decided that my first book with Happy would be an experimental children’s book combining the Happy inspired poem Let’s Go with mazes.

I thought it would be fun if it appeared as if Happy were the one telling the poem, and making the call to the reader to hurry up and take him on an adventure.

While this first attempt at creating a Happy inspired children’s maze/game book will never win an award or be a best seller, it was a fun learning experience about novel world of creating and publishing children books.


If you would like to check out Happy’s book, Let’s Go, it is available now on Amazon at


And if you would like to make a maze book of your own, then check out this link to Puzzle Publishers which includes a program called Maze Crazy which I used to make the mazes in Let’s Go.

Puzzle Publishers

If you like the idea of making your own activity book, but would prefer making color books, you might enjoy Mandela Crazy.

Mandela Crazy

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