If I am free to choose what I believe, what I want to do, where I want to work, where I want to go, what I want to eat, what I want to wear, and what I want to be in life, but only as long as it agrees with the you and the crowd, then am I really free or just a puppet tied to invisible strings?


Why do I have to put on a sweater? You told me that I could wear whatever I wanted. And I want to play dress up and pretend that I am a handsome cow pup traveling the Prairie in search of adventure. So that settles it, right?



Yeah, that settles it all right. It seems that I have the right to choose. Everyone tells me that I am free to wear and do what I want. But what they really mean is that I am free to pick and choose what they want me to choose. Because doing what they want me to do is freedom, and doing what I want to do is not. Hmm, it makes no sense to me.  It seems to me that being free to make my own choice is freedom, and only being allowed to make the choice they graciously give is an illusion of freedom. But then what would I know, I am just a humble little Happy Pup. What do you think, is freedom doing what you know you want to do, or doing what they say that they know that you really want to do?