In a world where we have been told that morals do not matter, that principles are free to change depending upon circumstances,  that there is no such thing as a line in the sand that we dare not cross, and every thing is a muddy shade of grey, many of us have lost sight about the importance of contemplating what type of pup we are. The importance of self-reflection has been pushed aside, since in a world where nothing is cut in stone, and all that matters is your view of reality, actions rarely matter.

Yet a wise man once said that  even a little pup is known by his actions. That we can tell if a puppy is in the process of growing up to a kind, loving, and obedient dog, or a vicious, fight hungry dog. If the actions of a little pup have the power to say so much, how much more must the actions of a pup of more mature years speak.

It certainly is a fearful thought to realize that in everything we do, we are telling the world the most important secret, what type of pup we are. That in our smallest actions, we are telling the world if we are trustworthy and honorable, or a liar and scoundrel. that they should seek to avoid.With this thought in mind, it might be a good time to sit back and ask the important question, what type of pup do my actions reveal me to be? When the world looks at my actions, and my innermost self is revealed, what do they see? Is it a record of which I will be glad to meet? Am I living a life of which I can be proud? If I were a stranger reading the pages of my heart, would I like what I see? Would I want to be friends and family of me?


Yikes, what an important question. I wonder if I really want to know the answer. If I did, I certainly hope that the answer would be yes.