When your day is so trying and hard that you cannot decide between sitting down and crying or raising your hands and screaming,  remember that even though at this moment it might like feel the sky is falling, and the sun has gone into hiding never to return again


After the day I had, I dare not get out of bed for a month lest the sky should fall and the earth underneath my paws should give way.

remember that the hour of trial will only last for a moment.  For a new morning, fresh and full of exciting promises, will soon arrive and chase away the storm clouds of yesterday. Turning your tears into smiles, and making your mountain of frustration a dust pile of memories ready to be brushed aside.


Oh boy, the sun is out, the flowers are blooming, my garden is full of yummy veggies, and this afternoon I have been promised a long ride. What a difference a day can make. It’s good to feel like smiling again.