On this day dedicated to celebrating love, Happy Pup would like  to take a moment and remind everyone that the greatest love story is not about the love that flares up like a roaring fire that captures the attention for a moment, stokes the emotion, and a few seconds later is nothing but cooling embers. No, the best type of love story is much humbler for it is the quiet type of love that endures days of want and hardship, because it has been faithful watered and fed. Day by day, through trial and tribulation it struggles, and endures, until like a mighty tree its wide branches offer comfort and shade to the weary of heart.

The greatest tale of love, is not the one that burst forth like a tumultuous wave yet has no strength to reach the shore. No, the best story is deep, abiding love that knows how to give and take, how to comfort and be comforted, how to speak words of hope and encouragement, and ever strives to build up the ones that it hold dear. Holding fast through the storm, it has the power to keep its tenants warm.

And sometimes that love, that quiet love which is expressed not so much in passionate speeches and emotional soliloquies, but is revealed in daily acts of tenderness, can be found in a set of heart melting eyes and four little paws, whose only desire is to be near to the heart of the ones for whom he or she would willingly give their all.