The secret to being a rich pup is not gathering up all the bones that you can and hiding them away in some dark corner until you have millions and millions of bones all to yourself.


What do you mean having millions of millions of bones in the bank does not make me rich? Why nothing could be better than having a million bones secured away, just waiting for me to enjoy. Right???

For delightful to the tummy as it might be to sniff about and admire this treasured pile, this type of riches are as fleeting as sand and as trustworthy as a house built upon the edge of a precipice. For today the pile is here and tomorrow it may be no more. Swallowed up by the whims of a hungry pup, swiped by a sneaky thief, or turned into a pile of mold, it will ultimately prove as lasting as a statue of ice in the dessert.

If you want to build a bank account of riches that will last you a hundred lifetimes, then take time and build an account based upon giving love and joy. To your surprise you will find that no matter how much love, friendship, and kindness you give, you can never spend enough to empty your account.


Who would have believed it, but mo matter how much love I give away, I always get more than I give in return. Its not as tasty as a room full of bones, but oddly enough, since I started building my account of love, I have never wanted for a bone.