Ahh what a day, the birds are singing, the sun is shining, and there is not a cloud in the sky. When my heart overflows with this much joy, I want to shout and tell everyone how wonderful the world is. I know what I will do, I will start a You Tube channel and share my sweet smile.



Wait a second, I’m just a little pup, I cannot control the data the You Tube collects. And with a cute face like this, I am certain to appeal to children, yet I plan on making content for everyone. So does that mean that I have to check the box made for kids even though I am not making videos with them in mind? And if I don’t what happens if someone in the power decides that because of my adorable face I have to be making content for kids? Hmm, maybe starting a You Tube channel is not the greatest idea. Oh well, who wants to become a You Tube star and have your handsome face shared around the world anyways.


Plus, is it just me, or has that lovely weather taken a decided turn? Suddenly the air seems rather nippy, as if a large blizzard was brewing around the corner. Maybe it would be wise if I curled up under some blankets and took a long nap.


Wait a second, You Tube might be out, but there is always blogging. With my talent for story telling and my handsome smile, my blog will be sure to be an overnight success.



Cookies, data, collection, data breeches? All I want to do is start a blog and maybe sell some cute Happy Pup themed swag. I have no intention of collecting and selling personal info, but what about the platform I’m own, the videos I link to, and who knows what other method they might have invented by now. If the host of my site collect and sells data, are they responsible, or will I be hung out to dry? So do I or don’t I fall under this law? Is my little pup blog California safe or am I in danger of having my bones garnished for the rest of my life?


I feel so down and confused. Maybe starting my own business and blog is not such a hot idea after all. In fact it feels kind of cold…real cold… deep freeze blizzard cold. So cold that I think I will do the safe thing and forget the whole thing and bury my head under the covers and wait for the miracle of a spring thaw and a generous dose of freedom and some common sense. But some how I imagine that it will be a long hibernation.