If only there was more time in the day, what a happy pup I would be. Because no matter how hard I try, I can never seem to get half the things on my list done.


Not again, the day barely started and before I blinked the day was already done and I barely touched my list of must do. Oh if only there were more hours in the day.

When I look at my seemingly endless list, I dream of a day with a hundred hours so that I could get all the things that I needed to done. That is until I consider first, how terribly long a hundred hour day would be.


Boy am I beat.  If I thought I was tired after a long week of work was bad, I was only dreaming of what tired could be. But now, after getting my wish and having one hundred unbroken hours of work, I realize that my beautiful wish is in reality nothing short of a brutal nightmare.

and second, even if I could survive a hundred hour marathon, I doubt it would make much difference. As the more I consider it, the more I realize that, as my work day grows, my to do list will only grow with it.


Hurry, hurry, all I can do is hurry. I haven’t got time to eat, to sleep, or to think. Because now instead of a million things to do, I’ve got a billion to do. Oh if only the day were a thousand hours long so I could get half the to do things on my list done.

No, the more I think about it, the more I realize, that as limiting as a 24 hour day may be, its a beautiful dream when compared to the load of work I would be buried under if my wish were granted and I had to endure the nonstop marathon of a hundred hour work day.


Sometimes wishes are better left off as pleasant dreams so that we never find out that our favorite dream is in reality, the worst nightmare of our life.