It is better to start early and enjoy a  few minutes of earned rest and taste to luxury of a full night’s rest,


Oh what joy, a busy day of adventure ahead and I can hardly wait for it to begin. I’m so glad that I got all my work done early so that I could enjoy a long night of undisturbed rest.

than it is to procrastinate for a day and pay for it with a long night of toil before a big test.


Don’t tell me that its daylight already. Yes I know that I have an exam, but I’m too tired to take it as my head only hit the pillow five minutes ago.


Yes, I know I should have done my work early instead of goofing off and waiting until the last minute. But what is a puppy supposed to do now? Remind me next time, because my head feels like a slice of concrete, and I haven’t the strength to lift it and there is no way that I’m getting out of this bed until noon tomorrow.