Summertime is here.  The weather is warm, the days are long, and the misery of homework is once more a distant memory. So take this precious time, take these valuable moments, to build a memory, to create a lasting impression, that during the long winter cold will bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart.


Ahh, so that is where you are hiding. Now that I have found you, I shall fill my basket with summer goodness and feed my soul with a bounty of summer delights.

So plan a day, or just pause for a few moments, to feel the warmth of the summer sun, to watch the clouds lazily float along, or  to watch a bird dance through the sky.  Ingrain once more in your mind the wondrous bouquet of scents waiting to be discovered in a gentle breeze and to enjoy the thrill of dirt brushing against your fingers. And turn off your TV, rest your eyes from the strain of the computer screen and learn from the scurrying ants, a busy bee, or a playful squirrel the wondrous lesson that life is more than text and emails.


Ugh, the cold is back. I’m so glad that I made memories while the weather is more, because now I not only have a blanket to keep my body warm, but a blanket of memories to warm my heart all through the winter blast.