Summer is here again, and I am so glad. At last the days of constant chill are no more, and I can run free without a sweater to hold me back,


Hurray, summers here and that means no more books, no more work, no more fussing with sweaters before I go out the door!









watch the flowers bloom,


Ahh, summer is one of the most beautiful times of the year.


and feel the warm breeze tickle my fur.


I can’t wait to hit the road and feel the warm breeze tickling my fur.








With a basket full of delights and no misery to destroy your fun, who could not help but love summer, after all its the only perfect time of the year?


A vote for summer is a vote for fun!


So hurray to summer and its massive adventure halting thunder storms,


Oh no, not again! That’s the fifth time it stormed today.  Why is that every time I start having fun the sky begins to pout and shout until all of my plans are ruined, and then starts smiling again?

painful sun burns,


Move? You must be kidding. With a sunburn like this it will be a month before I dare breath, never mind get out of bed!








zillions of bugs,


Yikes look at all those hungry ants. Its like I blinked and millions and millions of ants took over my poor yard!


and the sun gets so blistering hot that the rides I was looking forward to have come to a screeching halt because of fear that I might suffer from something they call heat stroke.


What do you mean I can’t go for a ride to the store until the weather cools down again. So it’s hot what does that have to do with  a day of adventure. That’s not stopping you from going to the store, why should it stop me?

While maybe as much as I love summer its not as perfect as I thought. I guess like it or not, just like every other aspect of life, no matter how much you may enjoy a season you just have to learn to take the good along with the bag, and the disappointment along with the days of  delightful adventure.