Adventure is what you make of it. If you are so minded, the most terrifying thing can be made to sound and feel mundane and boring,

Oh today was not that big of a day, we left early in the morning, nearly got hit by an oncoming semi, swerved and missed hitting a 500 pound grizzly bear by a foot, careened headlong towards a lake, and barely managed to come to a stop 5 feet before falling off a hundred foot cliff. All and all it was your normal run of the mill, boring day on the road

or you can chose instead to turn the mundane into something wonderful and exciting.

Wow did we ever have a great adventure. The rain pounded so hard you would think that we were driving under a waterfall, we traveled down a road so bumpy that I imagined I was on Safari searching for wild animals to photograph, we had to stop because a large snake that might have doubled for an anaconda blocked our way, and then we stopped to enjoy a snack of pastry so delicious I could have sworn that I was in Paris. Over all it was one of the most exciting days that I ever had!