The buzz word of the day seems to be that there is no such thing as truth. That all that counts is what one believes or feels. If that is the case, and truth is just a matter of feelings, then that must mean that there is no such thing as a lie. Which means that I can say whatever I want,

What do you mean calling me an adorable little puppy. Where are your eyes man, I am a 500 pound gorilla, not a little dog

A gorilla, that is so yesterday. Today I feel as bold and powerful as a 2000 pound elephant. Why are you laughing, why just look at my big floppy ears and long nose. Anyone with a pair of eyes can see that I am a dead ringer for a giant woolly mammoth. You must be blind as a bat not to see the plain truth that is so obvious to everyone else.

no matter how outrageous or impossible it may be and because feelings, no matter how misguided trump facts no matter how correct they may be, that means that you have no way to argue with me and prove my version of truth as incorrect

What is wrong with you people, first you call me a pup and then you insult me by calling me a gorilla, and if that were not injury enough you say dare to compare me to an elephant. Can’t you see the obvious truth that I am a handsome navy captain in charge of of the largest fleet of naval ships in the world.

and therefore you are subject to my every desire and my every whim no matter how outrageous it may be. Because the moment you believe that truth is like a pool of water, bending and flowing to fit its environment, then you will become captive to my every mood and whim.

And because facts no longer matter nothing you say can or will sway me. As after all, my personal beliefs and feelings count more than facts. Therefore your life will become mine to rule, and there is nothing that you will be able to say to change my mind as my truth is all that counts. And if you think that sounds like fun, consider this, you never know what my next mood or soul demanding request will be.

A navy captain? What is the matter with you, why it is as plain as the crown on my head that I am the king of the universe. And don’t bother trying to argue facts with me, as my feeling and personal belief about who I am is all that matters. And my feelings tell me that I am the King of the Universe therefore I require you to give me 90 percent of your income in taxes.

Consider the fearful of results of a world where truth does not exist, and the next time someone declares that truth does not matter you just might think twice about declaring such a person wise.