Everyone in the house is tired including Happy. We have been busily working on and off when the rain and cold allowed us to redo our garden. I mentioned awhile back that our garden had become infested with thousands of ants. Because there were so many ants we reluctantly decided that we had to spray the garden in hopes that we could put a stop to the issue before the ants completely took over our yard. Our hope was that after a few sprays the issue would be resolved and Happy would be free to enjoy keeping watch over the garden once again.


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Sadly even though the pesticide worked for a time, the problem rapidly returned. Because the boxes were so old and wearing out we decided it was the right time to take the garden completely apart and start over again. It was a great disappointment to us, but also to Happy who loved to go out each day and make sure that the cat was not hiding in one of the boxes, and to play a game of chase with the lizards that hung out in the garden boxes.

It has been several months, all the old boxes are down, and much of the ant laden dirt was thrown out. I wish I could say that the problem was solved, but here in Florida I am tempted to believe that our state flower should be a collage of insects made to look like a flower because I think they bloom far more and grow a thousand times easier than most plants. But we decided that it was time to take a risk and bring back Happy’s garden as we all missed the beauty that the mixture of flowers and vegetable provided.