When we think of assets most of us tend to think of things like money, savings accounts, houses, cars, and lands. but while these things are important and play an important role in contributing to our financial and even our emotional well being, they are not as important as this overlooked and underappreciated asset, time.

Time is our greatest asset. With it we purchase and build the foundation of our lives. By the right use of this valuable asset we purchase the most important assets of life like pleasant memories of precious moments with friends and families as well as acquire the knowledge necessary to get the money and things we need to make our life more comfortable.


Wow, it took most of the day, but my garden is planted and in a few weeks I will enjoy a harvest of fresh fruits and vegetables and a yard full of lovely flowers.


Used wrongly, the wasting of time lays the foundation for failure. As we fritter away our precious few moments, moments we will never be able to recover, like they were a bag of worthless plug nickels, we are throwing away golden opportunities. Opportunities to learn, to build relationships, and ensure a rich harvest of satisfaction, friendship, knowledge, and even financial stability that a life time of regret and sorrow can never recover.


Wow, what happened? I woke up ready for a day of work, but after a few moments I felt so tired that I decided I needed to take a little nap. And when I opened my eyes the day was gone. Its liked I blinked and day had turned to night. Oh well, I guess its too late.  I might as well go back to bed and wait for the morning.