Black Friday is finally here. That wonderful day where a puppy has an excuse to spend the day on the road as his family goes from store to store finding good deals and getting lots of interesting looking packages.


Hurray its time for an extra long road trip!

The excitement of the morning was great as my family  rushed out the door eager to find everything on their list. The flurry of activity was intense as they rushed from one place to the next, barely pausing to catch their breath.

But while this little Happy pup thoroughly enjoyed this special day of adventure, I am so tired that I think I shall have to spend a month in bed to recover.


I cannot do any work for the next month because I have a bad case of Black Friday Jet. Don’t expect me to get out of bed for the net few weeks, unless anyone is planning to go out the door for another ride and then I will only need five seconds to make a full recovery.