Sometime life gets so hectic that with great joy you imagine the satisfaction it would be if only someone would invent a silver pause button that could be pressed anytime that life became to overwhelming. The second that work became too hard, that life became to serious, or tiredness like a crushing wave came your way, out could come the silver pause button and bingo, instant relaxation as with great joy you settled back on the sofa to watch others work and sweat. One click and the grind of life melts away as you delight yourself in watching others grind away at awkward jobs and squawk about impossible deadlines and hardhearted bosses who have no clue.

What a great invention that would be. Relaxation always a few seconds away. It would be the epitome of living, and a miraculous feat as one moment you went from working stiff and the next transformed into a wealthy idler free to watch others slave away.


Oh how grand it would be to sit back and watch others work while I relaxed the day away.


Oh wait a moment, its already been invented! Its called the TV remote. One click and you forget all about your problems by watching other people problems. Thanks to this little miracle you can spend hours, days, even weeks relaxing.  Instead of doing chores, you can watch others do chores. Instead of hitting the gym, you can watch others working out at the gym. Instead of spending hours locked in your room doing homework, you can have you can smile with delight as you watch your TV servants forgo their favorite pleasures for an arduous night of study. And instead of enduring the awkwardness of the trying social scene, you can watch the pitfalls and triumphs of others as they struggle to navigate the increasingly difficult social scene.

Why this invention is so wonderful that if you need to take a family vacation, but are low on funds, never fear, the silver pause button has you covered. Like a master magician, presto chango, with one click of the remote you and your family can watch others make precious memories listening to the roar of the waves at the beach, hiking mountain trials, enjoying a ball game, or just enjoying a slice of pizza and an ice cream cone.

Wait a second, I’m noticing an unnerving trend here. Watching others work did not sound too bad, but others exercise and get in shape for you, others go on vacation make memories in your stead, others go to school and learn for you, and others eat all sorts of delicious treats in your stead? Maybe the silver pause button is not such a great invention after all.


I think I prefer life without the silver pause button after all. It might be a grind, but if anyone is going to go for a ride and eat delicious treats its going to be me and not some pup on TV!