The weekend is almost here. A fact that would normally bring delight, but with Hurricane Irma preparing to knock on our door within the next few days that delight is tempered by the uncertainty of where and how hard the monster storm will hit. Right now Happy is his normal boisterous self, barking at every shadow that crosses his lawn and telling the vacuum cleaner what for.

While I do not know just how much Happy senses about the nearing storm, I am sure that he realizes that something is amiss. While he is grateful that his hair has been cut, a precaution to reduce the risk of heat stroke should the air go off for a prolong period of time, he currently seems oblivious to its cause. He is excited, even curious about the strange changes in his home such as bringing lawn cushions into the closet. Yet while his human family is tired and stressed, he appears to be relaxed as he enjoys his favorite activities.

But I know that in a few hours all will change. As the sky grows dark and the rain begins to fall he will seek a safe place to hide. His poor little tongue will hang as his nervous heart pounds in his chest.

If hurricanes with all their dangerous implications are trying for humans, I can only imagine what it must be like for a little pup like Happy who finds his world under attack by drenching rain and howling winds he knows could lift him off the ground and carry him away like a leaf lost in the breeze.To make matters worse, his human family, usually so calm and certain in time of storm, his pillar of strength, now wear the same expression of uncertainty that clouds his little face.

As I take a moment to pause from the final preparations for Irma, I cannot help but think of those who are looking out their window to watch the sun go down. Knowing that in a few hours the monster storm will be at their door. Hoping and praying that when the clouds disappear, they will be one of the lucky ones to still have a home.

My heart and prayers goes out to all who are in the path of this massive storm. Please do what you need for you and your family to stay safe during this monster storm.