They say that money does not buy happiness, because the best things in life are free. And I guess to some extent that’s true. Long walks in the park, the chirp of the birds, the gentle breeze tickling your face, and the romantic glow of the moon are free for all to enjoy.

But lets be honest, long walks in the park and romantic moonlight do not fill my tummy, the chirp of the birds does not keep my head dry when it rains, and a tickling breeze will not protect me from sunburn on a blazing hot day. So while some great things in life are free, it still takes money to buy a certain amount of happiness. Or at best it takes money to buy the necessities like food and shelter that give you the energy to enjoy the free things in life that make you happy.



You tell me that the best things in life are free, but when I ask for more milk bones you remind me how expensive they are. So how can you say that the best things are free?