Being alone is a real problem for me.

By Dawn Giovanni

Being alone is a real problem for me.

I can’t wait to be on someone’s lap.

But to my folks it is a bad thing some times.

I can’t wait to go into a store.

But I get very distraught when I am left alone for two seconds.

My barking and freaking out I can’t stop.

I think I am doing the right thing.

But my folks think this is not good.


Where do you think that you are going? You know that you are not allowed to go anywhere without me!



I dream of being the very best dog for my family.

But I refuse to be silenced when I feel threatened or that something needs to be done.

Like when I tell my family the stove is beeping or the telephone is ringing.

Don’t wait for me to get done barking.

They long for the day when shush means shush.

Especially when a storm hits and they must hear the weather.

But I still sing my warning song

and I know in the long run they will smile and give me a hug.


I knew that in the long run even though you hated the noise you would be grateful that I warned you that a dangerous storm was coming.



You may not forget me when it is ride time.

I take memory sniffs all the way to the store and back.

You could never hate me because I am so loving.

Of course my side of the story is that I can’t tell what I am doing wrong when I am trying to do right.

And don’t think you can silence me.

I really help my humans and I am proud of it.

You’ll wait forever for me to stop barking.


I may be noisy at times, but that does not matter to them because they know how much I love them.



But I always will cuddle you if you have a nasty nightmare.

That is the best time of my life.

And if you forget to cuddle me I will remind you by jumping up on the bed.

You should remember to give me a yummy bone if you go to the store without me.

I know you will just love me.

Don’t worry; I will serenade you to sleep.

I will not always obey them when they say stop.

I know I am helping when I do this.

And I know you like it when I do.


I know that I’m the pup king of my family’s heart.