What I Have I Freely Give

By Katherine Breanne Parilli 

I climbed no clock,

I did not jump over the moon,

I cannot huff and puff and blow a house down,

No bags of warming wool have I to offer,

And I have no hands with which to play the fiddle.


But what I have I will freely give you.

Two eyes that will share your tears,

A tail to wag in sympathetic comfort,

Paws with which to hug you close,

Or simply hold your hand.


I’m sorry, I did my best. But I’m afraid its terminal. Despite my best efforts your computer is still dead.


A button nose to press against your side

And encourage you with the promise that tomorrow will be a better day.

A wet tongue to kiss my way to your heart,

And still its throbbing hurt.




And best of all,

I give to you,

A heart of love,

That will love you in times of sweet and bitter.

A love so deep,

A love so firm,

That I will love even if the whole world should chose to turn a cold shoulder,

And walk away,

Ignoring your lonely cry.


But I can give you a hug and make you feel a little beter.