Trust is Not an Accident

By Katherine B. Parilli

Trust is not an accident, nor does it happen by chance. It is the result of months and even years of precious care. To be built upon a solid foundation requires a lifetime of love and personal care.

Trust is not an accident, it cannot be earned through words, text, and casual salutations. It is not the result of a mere passing acquaintance, a simple greet and meet each morning and night. It cannot live and thrive if out the door each party runs, bent upon their own pleasure, mindless of the other’s existence they do remain.

Trust is not an accident, it cannot grow if by window one lonely party does wait. Watching the hours roll by, hoping and praying that from their busy schedule the other will pause, and like a stale bone throw an occasional world of love and understanding their way.


You promised that we would play when you got home, that was seven hours ago, if you stay out much longer it will be too late to play. Did something happen to you, or did you forget the promise I hold so dear?



Trust is not an accident. If for time and energy it is starved, in time of disaster, in a day of need, a sickly plant it will prove. Under the test the vine of trust will snap, revealing it to be unnourished and underfeed.

Trust is not an accident, it requires personal attention and interaction. It demands days of joy and hours of calm reflection. If strong and powerful it will prove there must be cozy meals at the hearth, for this tender vine can only be made full and thick by hours of intense conversation and her root is made stable by the sharing of time.

Trust is not an accident. It requires rain and sun, water and food, if like a tree it is to grow into the heavens. Love and time are required if this mighty sequoia in the hour of trial is to stand mighty and firm, capable of weathering the most dangerous storm. For on that day, during that fateful hour, it is too late to build her leaves, to grow her vine.


I’m such a lucky pup, because I know from experience that I can trust that whenever I am in need you will be there.


Because trust is not an accident, it cannot be manufactured out of thin air, it cannot be spoken into existence and suddenly appear out of empty air. But instead her precious seed must with tender heart and earnest desire, daily be watered, and daily be desired.