Happy has come along way in learning how to use the blocks to answer simple yes or no, true of false, and A or B style questions. When he knows the answer he now choses the block he wants with a quickness and confidence that amazes me. Other times Happy is not so certain, either of the question or the answer, and you can see in his face that he has paused to think about how he should answer the question.

Teaching Happy to answer questions using blocks has given me new appreciation for the creativity and intelligence that God instilled in His creatures. Clearly they are more intelligent than we give them credit for. And it makes me wonder how much fun Adam and Even must have had in the Garden of Eden interacting with animals before sin spoiled the fun.

While Happy has quickly learned this new skill and at times seems to genuinely enjoy showing off his capability for answering simple questions, there are still days when he would prefer to do something, nay anything else. Turning his head, laying down, and ignoring the blocks until we move on to something else.

Then there are the in between days like the one we captured on film. Where Happy choses to answer the question, but answers it in a way that highlights his humorous bent. Putting a smile on our face as Happy takes a little break to have some genuine puppy style fun.