Rainy Days

By Katherine B. Parilli

Rainy days so dark and dreary

make a puppy’s eyes grow tired and weary.

Cooped up inside for days on end,

the walls so benign transform into bleak and lifeless dungeon.

Longing to run and play,

to hear the chirp of the flittering birds,

and feel the cool breeze rippling through my fur,

I hang my tired head low.


Rainy days are long and empty.

devoid of diversion I lay in my corner

wishing for blue skies and open road.

Dreaming of warmth

it is all that I can do to put up with my aching bones.


Looks like I will soon have nothing to so as rainy days so bleak and trying upon the horizon I reluctantly see.


Rainy days are fretful and tedious.

Shadows long and frightful pen me down.

Thunder claps like mighty cannons startle me from my slumber,

send me running to find a quiet corner

where my shivering limbs plead for safety.


Rainy days know no end.

dragging on like a thousand car train

blocking me from all that is fun.

Tying me down to a listless corner

with only the flicker of the strange box in the corner

to divert me from counting out the unbroken chain

of lifeless days.


Hurray the rain is gone and what do my tired eyes behold, a feast of beauty and a carpet of color so bold.


Rainy days are bleak and troublesome,

but when at last their spell is broken

they reveal a precious gift from heaven.

Feeding plants and flower,

they have transformed the world into a jewel so precious.

Creating a carpet so soft and green

that protects my paws so tender,

I sniff with wonder

as my grateful nose does behold,

God’s glorious bouquet

for a Happy pup like me.