Have you ever set down to watch TV and noticed that your dog was staring at the screen and then wondered if your dog was watching the program along with you? My Father is a big fan of the old antenna TV show Hogan’s Heroes. While watching the show Happy is usually settled on the sofa only a few feet away. Every now and then it looks like Happy is staring at the TV watching the show with us.

Years ago, before our beloved Natasha died, we had been surprised by what appeared to be a well time laugh. Sargent Shultz had just finished “I know nothing, I see nothing.” When from the corner we heard a strange sound and turned to see Natasha’s head bouncing up and down with a wide smile just like she was laughing at the line.

Since then we wondered how much dogs understood. So one day we decided to test our theory that dogs not only watch TV, but understand far more than we give them credit. So we took some of the blocks that we have been using to help make Happy’s You Tube videos and asked him a few questions about the show. Happy actually knew that Sargent Carter and not Sargent Shultz was the one who dressed up as generals and that Sargent Shultz was the Sargent who took candy from Colonel Hogan.

So if you are setting back to watch a favorite program and your dog jumps up on the seat next to you, it is quite possible that your dog not only enjoys your company, but it might be his or her favorite program too.