By Katherine B. Parilli

Gifts so bright and merry make the heart to sing

as with delight we contemplate the wonder of a package full of mystery.

But not all gifts come in packages wrapped in paper or tied by string.

The greatest gifts in life come in quiet moments,

winding their way into our lives in the most unexpected ways.


I might not be the handsomest or most expensive pup around, but I poses the greatest gift of all.


Gifts so beautiful and dear

can be found in eyes so sad and lonely

that they bring our hearts to tears.

A furry bundle,

messy and outwardly pathetic

are often the greatest gift of all.


When you are sick, when you are down, I will stay by your side until you are well. Because I love you, and isn’t love the greatest gift of them all?


For the greatest gifts of all,

gifts of glorious value might rarely cost more than a few treasured pennies,

but they will feed our hearts for the rest of our lives.

Wrapped in simple tail wags,

sealed by the kisses of a puppy tongue,

the gift of hope,

the gift of love

will be revealed,

as one of the greatest gifts of all.