A couple of days after Halloween my Father and I had to go to the pet store to get some things for Happy.  While taking care of what we came for I spotted an adorable doggy king costume. It was perfect timing, not only was the item on sale for less than $4, but a few weeks earlier I had gotten an idea for Happy’s You Tube channel that involved Happy wearing a crown.  But I had no idea where to get or how to make one.

When we got home we tried putting the royal crown on Happy’s head. The look was adorable, but I have to say that the execution was rather challenged as it proved to be a bit to cumbersome and heavy for Happy’s taste, probably because he had no idea what a crown was.  It was so funny to see the hat either roll along side Happy’s head or him try to push it off that I had to grab my camera and film it. Here is some of the shaky footage (because I was laughing so hard) of us trying rather unsuccessfully to put Happy’s new hat on his head.