Through the Storm

By Katherine B. Parilli

A storm outside does roar with force.

The wind does howl with frightful power,

as the clouds do pour like crying rivers.

My heart so small,

does shiver with overwhelming fright,

as I worry what deadly damage

the looming hurricane my way may bring.


The weather may look nice now, but in a couple more hours the hurricane will be beating at my door.


My eyes grow large,

my voice does rise,

as with desperation

I seek to yell,

to scream,

and bark that monstrous storm back out to see.


My nerves so frazzled I fear shall break,

until my family,

so calm and loving,

around my side do gather.

To hold me tight,

to pull me close

to their beating hearts,

and gentle whisper the sweet words of promise

I long so much to hear.



I am so glad that even though the hurricane outside my door does how, I have a loving family who loves me enough to hold me tight and keep back the waves of fright.



That through it all

by their faithful side I will stay.

Sheltered in their love

my troubled boat shall ride,

until at last I come out the other side,

the safe and bouncy

Happy Go Lucky I love to be.