Dr. Happy Paws Recommends*

Colds and flu season is almost here with a  long list of fun stealing symptoms such as  coughing, runny nose, muscle aches, and fatigue. To decrease your risk of feeling or making someone else feel as sick as a dog, follow these simple rules.

happy 704
I had so many plans for today like chasing cats and digging up gopher holes, instead I will be spending my day sick in bed. To decrease your risk of spending the day sick in bed, follow these simple rules.


  1. Wash your paws

  2. Stay home if your sick

  3. Wash your paws

  4. Cover you mouth when you sneeze or cough

  5. Wash your paws regularly

  6. Get plenty of sleep

  7. Wash your paws

  8. Eat a balanced diet

  9. And did I mention wash your paws

Follow these rules to help prevent the spread of the cold and flu virus.

And if you insist on sharing something, share plenty of bones with me instead.

*Notice, Dr. Happy Paws is not a real doctor, he only plays one on WordPress.


Please follow these simple Dr. Happy Paw rules to increase your chances of enjoying a healthy flu free season.