Is D for Cat or Dog?

By Tim D. Adamson

D for cat and C for dog or is it C for cat and D for dog

Maybe I should just sit here and be a log

I do not like going to school any more

cat or dog thumbnail

Am I a cat or dog, why am I always asked the same old boring question?


Why does Auntie forever insist that I must answer that C and D question?

Does she not think that I know that I am a dog?

So I just choose to have some fun and say I am a cat

Anyhow dog or cat where is that at?


Y or N? Yes or No?  Maybe I spoke to soon, perhaps I should go back to cat and dog, at least I knew the answer.


Teach me about rats and bats maybe throw in an elephant once in awhile

I am a smart pup so you say

Act out your words and I will be forever yours.