A while ago I shared a video of Happy who had recently learned to walk on the treadmill.  At first it was not easy.  He had struggled keeping his balance and the only way he could walk was with a leash, harness, and several of us keeping close watch.  But each day his ability improved until at last the leash came off and with a little coaching he could finally walk on his on. We were all proud of his improvement and enjoyed seeing the way exercise brought back his puppy smile and charm.

We were quite content with what he had accomplished, but obviously he was not because a few days ago I was enjoying a slow walk on  the treadmill when my sister excitedly whispered, “Look whose on the treadmill with you.” Of course for me looking was easier said than done, but to mine and everyone’s surprise, a certain little bundle of surprise had hopped onto the treadmill and started walking behind me.  For the next fifty calories Happy made himself at home on the treadmill, and only got off when I finished my exercise.

We could not resist getting out the camera and filming such an unexpected surprise.  Here is some of the film footage of my little Happy walking behind me that I turned into a mini Happy story.  Oh, the part at the end where he is walking in front was from a few days latter when he decided it was time for another dual workout.  The attempt at walking in front along with me was his idea.  Needless to say for safety reasons that workout did not last very long.

I hope that you enjoy Happy’s cute and somewhat silly dog walking on treadmill video.