There is nothing wrong with wanting to act and be as smart a pup as you can be for true wisdom is a blessing indeed. For wisdom in her beauty helps us to avoid life wreaking pot holes or being swallowed by deep ditches.


You want me to balance your check book and do your taxes for you, no problem, after all I am super pup!


The problem arises when in our attempt to look helpful and wise, our head does swell to watermelon size. Forgetting our limits we soar high into the sky confident that we can travel to worlds unknown, forgetting that our craft is but a humble hot air balloon. Trusting in self we sail undaunted, certain that we are capable of doing anything and everything our hand does find.  Ignoring reality we march through life, trumpeting loudly for all to hear, do not worry super pup is here!


But one day, before a super pup knows what has happened he finds himself in over his head.  Trying to do something he has absolutely no clue how to do, and to proud to admit that he has no clue how to do it.


They wanted me to what?  Vacuum, but I don’t even know what a vacuum is, never mind how to use one. How did I get myself into this mess.


To avoid falling victim to the embarrassing disaster waiting to befall the swollen head supper pups everywhere, the next time you are tempted to puff up and make more of yourself than what your are, hold your tongue.  Then go to bed and take a little nap and dream of how miserable life would be carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.  Having to fix every problem and ford every steam if without the privilege of asking for a helping hand.


Oh what a relief it was only a bad dream.  I am so glad that I am not a super pup who has to do everything on my own and can never ask for help!


And when you wake up being a helpful regular pup will not seem so very bad.