My Grandma

By Katherine Breanne Parilli

My Grandpa so lovable everyone does see.

For of the camera he has little fear,

smiling and playing for all the world to see

his love for me does openly share,

And my love for him all can see.


I love playing with my Grandpa



But my Grandma,

quiet and shy,

from the world’s eyes does hide.

Her face so dear to me,

remains to most a mystery.

Preferring the peace and rectitude of the background

 she carefully and tenderly behind the scenes

to ensure my happiness.

Grandma fixing lab coat 1

Thank you Grandma, I can hardly wait until its finished.


Her acts of love and devotion

may escape the public eye,

as her tired hands jackets of love for me do sew,

my grateful hugs her only thanks.

And though the world shall never see her beautiful face,

her love for me I know that

 time and distance will never be able to erase.