On Those Unwanted Days of Trial

By Katherine Breanne Parilli

Happy am I most of the time,

with smile sweet,

and heart full of joy

this little pup does look at the world

to find things about it to love.


I just love days when everything goes the way that I want it to.


But once and awhile,

my smile does fade

as my tummy an imaginary rollercoaster does ride,

and my head a whirling derby does endure.

With tears rolling down,

I struggle to endure.

So glad for the strong arms

that faithfully encircles me,

and whisper promises that they will never let go.


Some days the trails are so strong that the only way to endure is with the help of a friend.


Giving me the courage to endure

those unwanted days of trials,

that sadly must pepper even the happiest of pup’s lives.

And look with hope to the future when my delight shall once again return,

and with unbounding wonder I shall live up to my name

and look at the world with eyes befitting a pup named

Happy Go Lucky.