What Are You Thinking About My Sweet Pup?

A Poem By Katherine Breanne Parilli

When you stare off into space with crumpled brow,

with that quizzical look,

with that pensive smile,

what are you thinking?


How I would like to know what you are thinking when you eyes have that pensive look.


Of what puppy wonders are you dreaming

When you stare thoughtfully out the window for hours on end?

Is your heart heavy or glad?

Is it filled with hope,

or heavy with gloom?

When your gaze wanders off into space,

are you dreaming of a yummy bone,

or what it would be like to travel to distant stars?

Oh my little pup,

how often I wish I knew the quiet thoughts of your mind.

That I could better understand the inner workings of your soul.


How I would like to know what you were dreaming about.


What joy,

what mystery would be mine,

if your thoughts tonight

my dear little pup I could at last know.