My Auntie Is

A poem by Katherine Breanne Parilli

My Auntie is like a sister,

pesky and buggy in so many ways.

Teasing and harassing,

till I want to burry my head beneath the covers

and hide the day away.

My  Auntie is like a best friend,

Sharing my likes,

And helping me to enjoy my favorite things.

Talking of pizza and cake until my tummy rumbles,

we enjoy a relaxing day.


I love spending a relaxing afternoon with my Auntie listening to her talk about all that yummy food.


My Auntie is family,

close and dear to my heart.

Holding me close when I am sick,

sheltering my eyes when I am afraid,

and picking me up when I fall.

My Auntie is many things,

pesky and troublesome,

a companion true,

But most of all

she is the Auntie whom I love so dear.