For Your Love I Beg

A Poem By Katherine Breanne Parilli

For a heart of love,

a smile so sweet,

and a family true

I do beg.


My heart on my sleeve,

I hold out my hat,

hoping that today

my dearest dreams will come true.


And into your life,

your home,

my love you will bring.

Together to share the life’s ups and downs,

to be a solace when its woes we must bare.



Don’t worry Aunty, your not alone. I am here to comfort you.



As by your side I faithfully remain,

through the long toilsome hours of work.

Hoping that when the day of work is done,

and as the long shadow of night draws near,

a few moments of precious time you will spare

to dance and play,

to run and jump,

and to sing my favorite song.



Please let me be your Happy Pup today.



A source of joy

I will be,

if your Happy pup

you will please let me be.