I would like to say happy Father’s Day to all the father’s young and old and to thank you for your love, care, and sacrifice on behalf of your little ones. I know that sometimes your job can be quite thankless and offers nothing in the way of financial rewards or corporate advantages, but hopefully on a day like today you will be reminded that the emotional rewards far out weight any other.

In honor of your care I would like to share a few pictures of Happy and his beloved Grandpa that highlight the loving bond between father and pup.


Play is only one aspect of the bond of love between Father and pup.



Taking time out of a busy schedule to take a teaching break is an example of fatherly love.



Or being there to share those special moments of life.



The love of a father is expressed in giving a little pup a chance to try his wings or act like Pa, even when it is not convenient.



But best of all, a father’s love is revealed in knowing when to give a sick or scared pup the comfort and assurance that no matter how bad things are, his father’s arms will be there to hold him up.