Years ago truth was viewed to be something like a massive boulder placed upon a hill.  Firm and immobile it could proudly look down from its peak knowing that it was capable of withstanding the test of time. That it would last as long as time.

But that is no longer the case today.  Instead truth is thought to be more like a jacket.  Soft and warm it creates a fuzzy feeling of comfort and security.  But when the day comes, and it surely will come, that its edges fray, its borders become to confining, it creates embarrassment, or it simply goes out of style,


Is it just me or is this jacket of truth a trifle embarrassing?

it can be tossed aside for a more fashionable, masses approved style.


Don’t I look great in my new jacket of truth.  This jacket of truth will keep me much warmer on a cold night than that old rag ever could.


And that is my explanation of modern relativity.