Have you ever felt bored or restless?  Spent hours looking out your window wishing that adventure would knock on your door?

How I wish adventure would knock on my door.

The good news is that adventure is as close or as far as your mind can take you. With a little thought even the most mundane item or task can be transformed into an exciting adventure.

What do I try first, everything smells so good!


It might be a simple hat, but with a little imagination you can imagine that you are a pup traveling through Central America enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells of a Mexican Fiesta.





This might look like the typical backyard garden, but with a burst of inspiration suddenly you are Adventure Pup, one of the world’s leading archeologist,  hiking through a wild forest in search of the elusive, the famed,  ten foot long and five foot round bone of your dreams.


Hmm, if my calculations are right, it should be hiding just two feet more to the left.



It may look like an ordinary bed and end table, but with a little creative thinking it can become a mysterious  cave of adventure.  With secret passages, dead ends, and a map leading to a room full of pizza, bones, and other puppy favorites.


If only the treasure were real, it would be the tastiest treasure ever found!





Do not worry Miss Bonary, I will find your treasure!



To the untrained eye it looks like a pile of pebbles, but for the adventure seeking pup it is the sight of the infamous Madam Bonary robbery. The richest dog in all the land has been robbed of her priceless treasure, and your the new pup detective charged with sniffing out the dastardly robbers trail and rescuing Madam’s large stash of priceless bones.


And before you know it the restless puppy blues will become a distant memory.  Caught up in one adventure after another the day will sail by so fast that it will seem like you barely had time to blink your eyes before it is time for a bone weary pup to slip into bed and dream of all the adventures that will knock on his door tomorrow.


That was fun, I can hardly wait to get up and start all over again.