A life lived to the fullest requires an ounce or two of curiosity.

What are you looking at? May I take a look.


To help us discover new things to love and enjoy, as well as to heighten our sense of adventure.  Just think of all the sweet delights we might miss if we did not poses a sense of

curious wonder and find out what the fuss about that odd looking football shaped green shell. It might be nerve racking to take that first tentative lick of those drippy red insides, but oh how soon we are rewarded by the sweet taste of victory as that refreshing wave of fruity sweetness burst upon our tongues.

What ever it is it must be exciting by the way you are looking at it.


But while curiosity adds much to our life, remember that sometimes being curious just doesn’t pay off.


What’s the big deal? All I see are a bunch of useless lines and dots on a white page.