Happy has taken to his tittle as Happy the Lizard Hunter quite well, in fact almost too well now that he has equated finding and removing Lizard from our home with treats. The other day I let him out back to enjoy a few minutes of sunlight and exercise. When I called him to come back I noticed that he was in a corner playing his favorite new game, chase the lizard around the garden.

Intense in his game it took a couple of calls before he came cheerfully running towards the screen door.  I was about to open the door when I noticed something unusual.  There was a large, live lizard hanging from Happy’s mouth.  It seems that Happy the Lizard Hunter, enamored with delicious reward and the flood of praise he received each time he removed a Lizard from the porch or house, had grown tired of waiting for the next lizard to slip in.  To remedy this he had come up with a logical solution, he would import his own lizards into the house for him to chase and heroically remove.



But there has to be a lizard for me to chase somewhere, because I really want a bone.



Fortunately I caught him before he had a chance to enact his scheme, and he reluctantly let his prize catch go outside. Now that is what I call being one smart and very Sneaky Lizard Hunter. Who says animal cannot think?