Getting in shape is no easy task.  It involves a hearty investment of time and  energy from doing the things we need to or often would prefer to be doing.  And finding the motivation to get off of the sofa and take that first crucial step is not always easy. What makes it harder is that the inspiration to achieve our fitness dreams must be our own.  If we are only exercising because a parent, a friend, or the fitness guru on the TV insist that exercise is good for us, when the aches and pains of working out hit us, our motivation will dry out like a wet sock on a summer clothes line. Because exercising will soon become a drudge, a bore, or another miserable life chore that you can hardly wait to check off your list.

learning ot use the treadmil 1

Can you please tell me why I am learning to walk on the treadmill again?


Even the motivation to get into shape so you can fit into that suit, or loose a couple of pounds for a reunion, may not be enough of a motivation to start you on the road to a lifetime of physical fitness.  Because like a diet, once the pounds are gone, so is the desire to head to the gym.


Yikes, what happened? I know that this jacked fit me perfectly  last year. I heard of growth spurts but this is ridiculous.



So if you want to find a reason to consistently get off the couch day after day finding the right motivation is important.  I found the right motivation,


What can I say, a small reward helps the exercise get done.



and now I am enjoying the benefits of being an active pup one again.


Come on, lets play!



Because as in most things of life, perspiring our way through the muck and rock of the hard road will prove to be a far better investment of our time and energy than hanging out eating pizzas and drinking soda on the easy road of life.