Warning, to prevent the dangerous condition known as heart melt, a mind altering conditions that produces undesirable symptoms such as


  1. Finding yourself drifting into a daze
  2. that leads to a fit of momentary insanity where  you will find yourself walking out of the store with a puppy instead of the new dress or power saw you originally came for.
  3. Resulting in a total loss of control over your budget as you find yourself willingly spending a small fortune on vets, premium dog food, a variety of bones, and a cart full of toys.
  4. Potentially leading to spontaneous outburst of embarrassing gushing as having found the perfect outfit, you  declare how absolutely handsome, adorable, your cutie pie or handsome boy will look.
  5. Leading to the eventual surrender of food from your plate, whole sections of your bed, and even your favorite chair.



One look and you might find yourself publicly rambling on about cutie pies and handsome pups.



To avoid this serious and life altering condition, avoid looking directly into the eyes of any dog or puppy that is looking for a home. Take firm and immediate action. Ignore any and all attempts to lower your resolve such as

  1. whimpering for your attention
  2. sudden displays of enthusiasm and affection as you pass by
  3. loud howls or cries of sorrow as you walk away

Instead of succumbing to these attempts to lower your resolve. Take a deep breath and immediately proceed to the nearest exit without making any attempt at eye contact. That is unless you want to lose all reason and become a mindless slave for life.