It seems like an eternity, though in reality it was practically yesterday, when this Happy pup was free to run and play, to travel the land, and freely seek love, friendship, and adventure.


Where shall we go today? Your wish is my command. After all, friendship and adventure are only a car ride away.

Then like a cruel wind, an invisible storm struck and in a moment, blew away all of life’s greatest joys.


What do you mean that for the foreseeable future I cannot go out and play with all of my friends, give great grandma a hug, eat out, get petted by strangers, or go for a ride? Is this some kind of weird punishment because I barked at the stray leaf that rolled across the yard. If so, I promise that I will do…I will try to do better. You say that it has nothing to do with my excessive barking yesterday during your important phone call, while you had that splitting migraine, or during your favorite show.  If I am such a good pup why are you stopping me from doing anything that is fun? And while were on the subject, what did you mean by the foreseeable future? Do you mean until this afternoon? tomorrow morning?? Next week??? Next month????? What do you mean you do not know. You have to know.  You always know. What is this, some type of trick to  make the pup think that he woke up in a parallel universe or something? A puppy episode of candid camera where you see how a pup reacts to the worse news of his life?  That has to be it, right…right…please tell me that is what you are doing or that I am only having a really, really, really bad nightmare!

Sadly, in the blink of an eye, the world has been transformed. The sun may be shinning, and the birds may be singing, but for many of us, locked in solitary walls of our home, who would know? Thanks to a pest so small that our eyes are incapable of seeing, we are no longer able to move about freely , to hang out with friends, or in many circumstances even give our loved ones a comforting hug. Seemingly overnight the world has been transformed into a hunkered down mass of fear. Afraid to go out for work, food, or play lest they should fall prey to the invisible stalker, who has stepped out of our dreams, and turned day into a terrifying nightmare.

Whether you think the lock down good or bad, helpful or harmful, or a confusing mixture of both, it matters not. For at this moment when our hearts are heavy with grief, and our soul pressed down with unspeakable agony and fear, we must do what we can to reach out and comfort all who we can.

While the rules, good and bad, prevent me from reaching out and offering my paw of friendship, I freely give that which I can. The knowledge that you are not alone in your fears, tears, and frustration, a hope filled smile, and my deepest prayers that God will be with you and yours through these trying times.


Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this time of trial and uncertainty.

And remember, that while today may be full of dark storm clouds, one day soon the storm clouds will break, and the bright smile of adventure will at last return.



Adventure, I do not know when you will return, but when you do, I am ready and waiting for you.